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Torres del Paine sunrise

Torres del Paine Circuit Kit List

 Torres del Paine full circuit kit list
This is the contents of my pack, before setting out on the 9-day Torres del Paine full circuit in Patagonia. The trek is in a very remote location, so we had to carry everything we needed for 9 full days in the park.

Food and drink

  • 500g Pasta x 2
  • 250g Spaghetti x2
  • Pasta sauce x3
  • Parmesan cheese x 2
  • Salami x2
  • Cereal bars x9
  • Lightweight dehydrated meals x6
  • Soups x8 (various flavours) – for Breakfast
  • Self-made trail mix x8 (comprising or nuts, and dried fruit. I bought all this at a store in Puerto Natales on the same road as Erratic Rock hostel)
  • Chocolate bar (large)
  • Jelly babies x2 (large)
  • Lucozade Sport Energy drink (powder mix sachets) x8
  • Vodka!

My favourite trekking drink, for the evenings, is Lucozade Sport orange energy drink powder, mixed with fresh, cold, river water with a couple of shots of vodka. It certainly “takes the edge off” after a hard day on the trail!



In total, my pack weighed in at 23 kgs! (including water).