LEJOG Day 1 done!

Day 1 done! Cornwall is very hilly! And the weather’s not been great either!
We got one hell of a tail wind coming out of Land’s End but it soon turned gusty with some nasty blasts of wind coming from the side.
However, we were quite glad to be slightly protected from the wind by the high hedgerows for most of the ride.

Who’s on the “most punctures on trip gets thrown in the sea at John O’Groats” leaderboard!? I hear you ask! Well, at the end of day 1, there are NO punctures to report!

Stats for LEJoG day 1:
66.51 miles.
4,833ft ascent. 4,856 descent.
Fastest speed 41.7mph.
Average speed 12.9mph (mostly waiting for John to catch up!).
Max heart rate 189bpm.

Apologies for those checking the live map. I forgot to re-start the app when we had a quick stop at about 55 miles. You’ll have to wait until I’m able to upload the files from the GPS for the final route!


LEJoG – following our progress

At the start of each day, a shortened link from cyclemeter will be posted on Twitter and Facebook. This will also appear in the Twitter feed on the top right of the homepage.
The link will show a map of our progress in real time. (subject to mobile signal)!
Any replies will be read out to us so please help us on our way by commenting!

LEJoG Day 1 – Land’s End to Golant

And so it starts!
After photos at the sign at Land’s End we’re heading to Golant via the country roads. Avoiding the A-roads means we’ll be hitting some short sharp climbs.

Cornwall and Devon are the worst sections of the ride! Let’s hope our legs survive!

Bike route 1112186 – powered by Bikemap 

LEJoG Day 00 – Arrived at Land’s End


Dave and I have arrived at Land’s End ahead of our LEJoG start tomorrow morning. Just waiting for John to arrive.

The ride from Penzance was very scenic – but the steep climb out of Newlyn was a bit of a shock to the system after the long train journey.

Update: John’s arrived and we’re all set for tomorrow! Big (and hilly!) day ahead!

Penzance To Land’s End
Google Maps URL: Penzance to Land’s End
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Stromboli volcano erupting

Stromboli volcano erupting

After a 3-hour trek up to the crater of the volcano that gives the island of Stromboli its name, we were rewarded with fantastic views of magma explosions and lava flows. The twin furnaces were continuously spitting out magma, allowing me to try several different exposure lengths. However, I was only quick enough to grab one shot of a massive explosion that blew molten rock 20 feet into the air!

Patagonia Photos

Torres del Paine sunrise

Torres del Paine Circuit Kit List

 Torres del Paine full circuit kit list
This is the contents of my pack, before setting out on the 9-day Torres del Paine full circuit in Patagonia. The trek is in a very remote location, so we had to carry everything we needed for 9 full days in the park.

Food and drink

  • 500g Pasta x 2
  • 250g Spaghetti x2
  • Pasta sauce x3
  • Parmesan cheese x 2
  • Salami x2
  • Cereal bars x9
  • Lightweight dehydrated meals x6
  • Soups x8 (various flavours) – for Breakfast
  • Self-made trail mix x8 (comprising or nuts, and dried fruit. I bought all this at a store in Puerto Natales on the same road as Erratic Rock hostel)
  • Chocolate bar (large)
  • Jelly babies x2 (large)
  • Lucozade Sport Energy drink (powder mix sachets) x8
  • Vodka!

My favourite trekking drink, for the evenings, is Lucozade Sport orange energy drink powder, mixed with fresh, cold, river water with a couple of shots of vodka. It certainly “takes the edge off” after a hard day on the trail!



In total, my pack weighed in at 23 kgs! (including water).