Cycling from London to Cape Town

London 2 Cape Town cycle Africa World Bicycle Relief Logo

London 2 Cape Town cycle Africa World Bicycle Relief Logo

On 12th July 2015, Emily and I are setting off to cycle 20,000km from London to Cape Town in aid of World Bicycle Relief.

I’m inviting you, your friends and family members to join us on the first leg – our very own London to Brighton charity cycle ride.

Starting in Wandsworth, the ride will follow the iconic route on quiet country lanes before reaching Brighton just 100k later.

It’s a professionally-organised ride with a signed route, feed stations, electronic timing, first aid and mechanical support.

Please register here: and make sure you use promotional code L2C2015 at checkout to get discounted entry

The event is open to riders of all abilities. Please don’t be put off by thinking you might be slow. Emily and I will be at the back as we’ll be carrying panniers full of all the gear we’ll need for the next 11 months on the road (tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment etc). The only prerequisite is that your bike’s in good working order and that you wear a helmet.

London to Brighton Bike hire
We’ve done a deal with On Your Bike at London Bridge for London to Brighton bike hire.  You can hire a Trek road bike at a specially discounted rate. Bike hire starts from just £18. Get in touch with me for details.

The ride will culminate with a reception at a central-Brighton venue.

For more details and to enter, please visit
Make sure you use promotional code L2C2015 at checkout to get discounted entry (£35 vs £40).

The entry fee covers the costs of putting on the event and includes 5% to World Bicycle Relief. We’d really appreciate if you could fundraise over and above this but it’s not obligatory. (We’re aiming to raise £50k). Your £35 entry fee will be refunded if you raise £285 or more, which is enough to fund 3 bikes for people in rural communities.

Stromboli volcano erupting

Stromboli volcano erupting

After a 3-hour trek up to the crater of the volcano that gives the island of Stromboli its name, we were rewarded with fantastic views of magma explosions and lava flows. The twin furnaces were continuously spitting out magma, allowing me to try several different exposure lengths. However, I was only quick enough to grab one shot of a massive explosion that blew molten rock 20 feet into the air!

Patagonia Photos

Torres del Paine sunrise

Torres del Paine Circuit Kit List

 Torres del Paine full circuit kit list
This is the contents of my pack, before setting out on the 9-day Torres del Paine full circuit in Patagonia. The trek is in a very remote location, so we had to carry everything we needed for 9 full days in the park.

Food and drink

  • 500g Pasta x 2
  • 250g Spaghetti x2
  • Pasta sauce x3
  • Parmesan cheese x 2
  • Salami x2
  • Cereal bars x9
  • Lightweight dehydrated meals x6
  • Soups x8 (various flavours) – for Breakfast
  • Self-made trail mix x8 (comprising or nuts, and dried fruit. I bought all this at a store in Puerto Natales on the same road as Erratic Rock hostel)
  • Chocolate bar (large)
  • Jelly babies x2 (large)
  • Lucozade Sport Energy drink (powder mix sachets) x8
  • Vodka!

My favourite trekking drink, for the evenings, is Lucozade Sport orange energy drink powder, mixed with fresh, cold, river water with a couple of shots of vodka. It certainly “takes the edge off” after a hard day on the trail!



In total, my pack weighed in at 23 kgs! (including water).


Cash in the Arctic for Charity Cricketers

Oxford, UK, Thursday 1st March 2007 – A team of cricketers from Oxfordshire is hoping to raise thousands for charity by playing in a tournament with a difference; the matches will be played on – ICE.

The players, who all work for Abingdon-based publishers Taylor & Francis, will brave sub-zero temperatures and blizzards when they travel to Tallinn, Estonia to compete in the annual Real Ice Cricket tournament in March to raise money for Comic Relief. The matches will be played on the frozen Lake Harku where the wicket will be painstakingly carved out of the ice and the boundary clearly marked off to prevent anyone accidentally plunging into the freezing waters below. A normal indoor ball is used and cricket spikes are worn for grip but players are discouraged from wearing whites in case they get lost in a snowdrift.

Team Manager Nick Browne said; “We thought this would be a ‘cool’ way for us to raise lots of money for Comic Relief; although I’m concerned that by playing in such freezing temperatures our noses will naturally turn red. “If we progress in the tournament we’ll have the chance to play against the Estonian National Cricket team – although they’re not widely recognised for their cricketing ability, I’ve heard they take it very seriously, so I hope they don’t give us a frosty reception.”

James Davis, who is also Captain of Oxford Cricket Club’s Third XI, commented: “I initially thought my team mates were winding me up, but now I’m really looking forward to the tournament and raising money; it’ll certainly bring new meaning to fielding in the slips.”

The team departs for Tallinn on 7th March. To donate to Comic Relief, visit the team’s special Red nose Day page at

See the coverage in the Oxford Times:

‘Plenty of slips for the bowlers

‘Given the slip

‘Plenty of slips for the bowlers’

‘Given the slip’

‘Given the slip’

‘Ice cricketers’ play for charity’

Taylor & Taylor & Francis charity success

James Davis