LEJoG Day 3 done. Tiverton to Bath

When we were planning the trip, we all agreed that we should avoid the main roads wherever possible. “The traffic wouldn’t make it enjoyable” was one comment, “it’s far more dangerous on the A roads” was another.

So, yours truly set about planning a route that avoided all those nasty trunk roads. I plotted a course that would allow us to enjoy some of the best countryside and view nature up close as we gently tour the idyllic back lanes.

Inevitably, these back roads feature steeper hills. And yes, I admit, there are probably more of them too.

Now, I believe that’s a price to pay for cycling along country lanes but, on only day 3 of our LEJoG, the tide has turned and my travelling companions are becoming increasingly vociferous against my decision to route us up “all these bloody hills”!

Hopefully tomorrow’s stage from Bath to Worcester will keep a mutiny at bay for at least another day as it’s relatively flat; we’re leaving Bath via the riverside cycle path towards Bristol.

Day 3 was a ride of 3 halves. We had a gentle roll out of Tiverton before we hit some of those infamous short, sharp and steep hills in the back lanes. Crossing in to Somerset (2 counties done!) We made good progress to Wellington and Taunton before we got to the Somerset levels. I can’t explain how good it was to cycle on the flat for the first time in 2 days.

After a bite of lunch in the village of Wedmore, we headed straight to Cheddar Gorge.

The climb up through the Gorge was incredibly scenic and, as the legs had been conditioned in Devon, we all made it up in one piece – albeit at different speeds. I even managed to shoot video from my phone on the way up but Dave will have to cough up a few more pounds for the swear box before it sees the light of day!

A couple more “interesting” climbs met us in the Mendips as we headed east and we were greeted on the outskirts of Bath by Kev and the kids.

Liz (sister) prepared a huge feast and the kids have very kindly donated their beds for our tired bodies.

Stats for LEJoG Day 3:
3,579ft ascent. 4,078 descent.
Fastest speed 41.7mph.
Average speed 12.8mph (mostly waiting for John to catch up!).
Average Heart Rate: 124bpm
Max heart rate 195bpm.
Average cadence 68rpm

Bed now. Big day tomorrow. Follow us on live GPS to see if we’ll be on A roads or not!




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