LEJoG Day 2 done. Golant to Tiverton

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. And we were right. 85 very hilly miles from Golant to Tiverton. It rained all day, we were sodden and we had our first faller too! Dave went down like a sack of spuds when his front wheel slid on wire meshing that was nailed over a wooden bridge. Possibly not the best surface to lay on a cycle track!

Highlights of the day were crossing the border from Cornwall into Devon (1 county done!), huge pasties at Lydford Gorge, views of Dartmoor in the drizzle (and other country views throughout the day) and great welcome from Barbara at Hornhill B&B. Oh, and Dave assures us that the mobile signal from the top of the last hill was exceptional; he overshot the B&B (see below) and ended up at the telecoms mast at the summit!

Lowlights were the morning’s porridge at the hostel, the constant rain, the many, many steep hills and the lads’ reaction when, after 85 miles in the saddle, they found out I’d booked a B&B at the top of a 17% climb. It’s got good views though!

Stats for LEJoG Day 2:
81.26 miles.
5,325ft ascent. 5,295 descent.
Fastest speed 40.6mph.
Average speed 11.1mph (mostly waiting for John to catch up!).
Average heart rate 132bmp
Max heart rate 183bpm.
Average cadence: 64rpm




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